About Me (Bob, the OnlineAuctionGuy)

A few years back, I started working in the basement of my home selling tee shirts and license plates on eBay as a hobby with my friend Keith. back then, we shared an eBay account. Once the word got out, I was asked to list a few items for friends and relatives, and things really started to take off. People started asking me to sell everything from cars, boats, campers, sporting goods, collectibles, pinball machines, furniture, motorcycles, taxidermy, electronics, heating equipment etc…

In 2008, the economy was tough and I needed to make a living. Even though the way I had been doing things was fun, I needed to step up my game and treat online selling more like a business. Somehow the word got out that I was the eBay guy and was building a strong business. I hired an eBay seller’s consultant and mapped out a strategy and before long, I was visiting the post office almost every day and sometimes twice a day to send out packages!

I started working with freight companies to get common carrier quotes for large refrigerator-sized items for my customers, because they were asking me to sell their appliances and vehicles.

The main reason I believe we have become so successful was that we give that “extra mile” service and people know we are honest. Trust is the number one quality you need to prove when dealing with people online and our customers know they can trust us, that’s why they refer us to their friends.

Staying competitive is tough in this business and  is an ongoing challenge because there are so many options out there. I realize that you have a choice of dealing with sellers from anywhere in the world, so I appreciate that you are considering doing business with me. We make sure that all our deals are fair and that customers are more than satisfied.

Being an eBay seller has been an adventure, and I especially love dealing with people from all over the world. You could almost say that eBay has given me the chance to travel all over the world without leaving Massachusetts! Every day there are different deals to make with customers, and I like people so it works out well. The e-commerce online business is exciting. That is why I do it.

Our policy: We don’t play games and we don’t believe in overcharging for shipping.



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