Used Ceramic Blue Bird Burley Clay Pickling Crock Pots

I have many available. The 40.00 price is for one.
Burley Clay Products USA. Highest quality.
We are switching over to stainless steel fermentation.

These sell for over $100.00 each new

* All are clean.
* What you is see is what you get
* Covers are not included
* All have Bird stamp logo.
* Each is approx. 16" high, 15" diameter, 50 lbs.
* Size is 10 Gallons
* Many uses such as fermentation,pickling,storage,pet food,plants etc..
* In good condition, no cracks or chips, but with a little wear.

Feel free to send questions, I'll get the answers you need (413)773-7500. Thank you.

Pick up in Greenfield, MA.